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May 13, 2014

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android and IOS Games Walkthrough

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Games Walkthrough is one of the best game in android. do you remember classic Minecraft: Pocket Edition games? if Yes, then this is the New and awesome Game in android. Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Games Walkthrough will provide some information that would help you in your game. you can do all you want and you can also get the better one for you to have in this game. Steps in Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Games Walkthrough.

Steps in Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Games Walkthrough

Duplication Suicide
1.Get Some Some Stuff You Want To Duplicate
2.Get Some 20 Dirt Blocks Or WatEver How Many
3.Go On The Very Top That Where You Can Die
4.Pick Your Stuffs Up Again
5.Go Like 30 Blocks Away From The Place Where You Die
6.If Your On IOS 7 You Could Know This Double Click The Home Button Slide Up The Minecraft
7.Go Back To Minecraft You Will Be Teleported Somewhere Close Where You Died
8.Go Back Where You Died

Double diamond
First put a diamond or more in a chest.( Make sure it is has nothing in it)
Next take the diamond out of the chest.Then restart it. (Go back to the menu and double click the menu as fast as you can)Finally go back to the game and go back were you have your diamond. See the magic happen. ONLY FOR IPHONE AND IOS ,android

Pick a friend and travel to their world.go to the nearest water source and collect 2 buckets of water.then pour the water on your friends avatar.then place a dirt capsule around him/her.collect the water, and the avatar will be frozen(wont move).the avatar will respawn and you can push the frozen avatar and the real avatar will move because you pushed the frozen avatar.

How to get PC items
The items I know it is true (I know the item you can try it on other items)
Ink Sags colored wool Any spawn egg
First take a bow and (any item) Wool cloured , bone meal , spawn egg
Any (I suggested these Items It will work) First charged the bow then
Quikly switch to the item (The item that you choose) Then you will get
(The item I suggested)1. Cloured wool to normal wool 2. Bone meal
To Ink Sags 3. Spawn egg to (spawn name) hope it works!

How to get items that you can't mine in minecraft.
Playing mine craft is fun in survival but it is really hard to survive when difficulty is full or you need items like diamonds golds and iron very few on a seed and you really need it.So I am here to help you it starts with downloading "Pocket Tool" from Google play it is for free and only around 500 KB. Install it and open the program you will find level editor in it open it select the survival world you are playing in and open edit inventory edit what you need just change the count value.
But if you want diamond gold and iron then open the game empty your inventory take 1 cobblestone and close it open "Pocket Tool" open level editor open inventory editor and then find the line with count 1.
Edit it edit the item no. For diamond put 56 and count limit is 100 s put hundred or one because you will have to smelt it and then multiply it using the count process for gold 14 and for iron 15 smelt it increase it with count process you can increase other items but you must have it in
you inventory slot do not incerase count more than 100.

You have to be on multiplayer. You throw your items in a chest that you want to be duplicated. Both you and the other person grab it from the chest at the same time and you'll both get it. Then you do this over and over.

Under Water house 
Go into the water normally near the bank dig down three blocks go down the hole you just made. Use any material besides gravel and sand, and cover the top part of the hole and viola you now can start an under water mine or house

Unlimited MaterialFollow the steps below.

1. Make a nether land portal.
2. Get any piece of material that you want to be unlimited.
3. Throw it into the nether portal.
4. Go in to retrive your item.
5. Go back to the real world.

You should now if you performed the glitch correctly have an endless supply of that material.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android and IOS Games Walkthrough


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