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Set 21, 2015

Sonic Dash Super Money cheats

Sonic Dash Super Money cheats this is where a automated playing game on anroid that happens a unlimited run that collect rings and fight bosses. it is awesome game because of its cool graphics and design and also a 3D version that you fell like actually playing it in the real world. it has some information for you to know about how to work.  • Sonic Dash game save file with Unlimited Red Stars, Unlimited Stars, Unlimited PowerUps, Max Upgrades, All Characters Unlocked.
 • Why game save? - game save file is the easiest and safest cheat method, you can update the game after applied this cheat. this must you do for you follow some rules  This will remove your current progress!
  • Root access NOT required!
  • Backup your game data:
            • using ES go to /sdcard/Android/data/com.sega.sonicdash/files/
            • Find file save.txt and rename to save.txt.bak
            • You can restore that file to restore your original progress.

Hope this will help you in your game in Sonic Dash Super Money cheats


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