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Okt 16, 2015

SB Game Hacker 3.1 tool Works Super Cheat

SB Game Hacker 3.1 tool Works Super Cheat this is a tool that will surely help you in your game. it is Super easy to use and most awesome modifier ever that has ever been made. It is small, fast, green, free, no ads. This app modifies the game by modifying the memory data of the running game, money, blood, score, props, and the number of parameter values​​.
it has some information for you to know about it The accurately Search: search the value of the games you can see, practical vast majority of cases;
Fuzzy search: do not enter a specific value (blank), according to data variation (larger smaller unchanged) data screening;
Floating-point (decimal): Game data is not an integer, you can not directly search data, belonging to a fuzzy search;
Data filtering: to determine the size of the data range, and improve efficiency.
Download and Extract “SB Game Hacker.apk”From below.
Install “SB Game Hacker.apk”
You are Done.

Hope this will help in your gaming tactics in SB Game Hacker 3.1 tool Works Super Cheat


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